GRT_1157 Bus King St sunset 1500px
A spectacular sunset on King Street.
GRT_8300 Train tulips Benton Charles 1500px
Orange tulips and ION light rail.
GRT_0724 ION train full moon Fairway 1500px
ION leaving Fairway Station under a full moon.
Canada Day fireworks at Kitchener City Hall.
GRT_9730 Queen Street hospital buses 1500px
Looking down Queen Street at dusk.
JMM_0062 Trains Allen Station 1500px
Trains coming and going at Allen Station.
JMM_4151 ION train fall colours 1500px
ION in autumn.
JMM_6501 ION train School Social Work 1500px
ION in front of WLU’s School of Social Work on a snowy day.
Sunlight streaming through Kitchener Market Station.
Light trails from a passing bus on King Street.

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